Below are some testimonials from previous program users.  I personally trained my own Service Animal using this program.  It works with everyone from the begining animal trainer to the most experienced.  These testimonials are from people who purchased animals from me, and those who just purchased the program to use on their own animals. Thank you for taking the time to visit our web page.

Here are a few words of praise from our customers and me:

Priscilla, on the Job!
“Thanks for the outstanding service animal training program.
The little guy                                   from last year’s litter is going                                   to be a perfect  companion for                                  us! Needless to say, we’re                                       happy customers!
The training                                     program was very easy to follow.                                 I felt like a pro from the                                          very first lesson!”

“This program is every  dog owner’s dream.  We used the obedience program  to train our Yorkie
two years ago, and
we got outstanding results. It was so successful that we bought a second yorkie. Thanks, Annie!”

–Tracy and Devin
Priscilla is my service animal, she has been with me for three years now .
“Annie is the greatest! We couldn’t recommend her more highly. We waited almost two years for this prescious pup,  
and she was                                    worth every minute.                               She came to us knowing                                the basic commands and                              she had an incredible                                    disposition. Couple that                                    with the step by step                                    training lessons and                                    this little girl passed the                                public exam in less                                  than six months. She was the best investment we ever made for our childs disability.”  
–Steve and Rachel Jensen

“This program is the greatest! We purchased a Chihuahua and due to our spoiling she was pretty much out of control.  After just a
few lessons                                   it was almost like haveing                                  a new dog.  She is  well                                    on her way to becoming                                  an excellent service                                          animal for   our son with                                  diabetes.     With out this                                  program      we would                                      have had to  pay several thousand dollars to have a service animal.  This was a great blessing!
–John and Brenda

“This was the best thing I ever did.  When I first started looking for a service animal to help me with my seizures, I didn't know such a little dog could have                                  such a big responsibility.                             He is much better than                                 the large breed I first                                looked at. 
I just flew                                   across the country with                                sampson on my lap, and                                   the stewardess                                   said he was the best                                        behaved Yorkie she                                   had ever seen in her life.  It is all due to this training program, I could have never done it on my own!

Priscilla Resting.
Hide and go seek anyone?
I don't know what I would do without her!
Annie Varnadore